Marlins Park

Marlins Park
I got to see a game at Marlins Park in Miami at the beginning of the 2016 season. I’ve never been much of a Marlins fan, but Don Mattingly was my favorite player growing up – so I’m rooting for them now.

When I saw that Marlins Park was in Little Havana, I was expecting some good walking around atmosphere – outdoor cafes, cigar bars, etc. I did find a cigar bar, but that was it. I’m guessing there’s another part of Little Havana that’s like that, but the “restaurants” I saw were Wendy’s and Subway. We parked in someone’s front yard who was charging $10.

We were outside the stadium on the west side (where the retractable roof slides out – you can see the tall supports that it slides out onto), and there wasn’t really anything to do except go into the game, so I was a little disappointed at that.

Once we went inside, the stadium is very nice. It’s still pretty new – having opened in 2012. I didn’t realize it is on the site of the old Orange Bowl. It’s very small – capacity is only about 37,000.

Here are some pictures taken before the game to help give you a feel for the seating levels. FYI – the Marlins dugout is on the 3rd base side.

Marlins Park

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