About Jeff

I’m Jeff Trotman. I help organizations with their technology. I live in Birmingham, AL.


I grew up in Montgomery, AL. I went to MIT for a year and half where I made some good friends and had some good times, but I had a pretty vivid mental image of what I expected college to be – and that wasn’t it. I transferred to Auburn University where I played in a band, waited tables, and occasionally went to class. In spite of all that, I earned degrees in Electrical Engineering and Finance.

CGI image of the Auburn University Band sent out in an alumni fundraising letter, but pretend I didn’t tell you that and just assume it’s real

After college, I got a couple of jobs programming COBOL but hated that. Since I couldn’t get a job I really wanted, in 1994 I started Westglenn Software to do Visual Basic programming. For many years, Westglenn was a Microsoft partner whose specialties grew to include C#, SQL Server, BI, and Microsoft Dynamics SL (an ERP system formerly named Solomon). During that time, I was named to the Birmingham Business Journal Top 40 under 40, was nominated for the Alabama Information Technology Association’s Leadership in Technology Entrepreneur of the Year, and was part of the Birmingham Venture Club’s Entrepreneur Accelerator.

Sampling of projects I’ve worked on in the past

  • A custom LMS (Learning Management System) for a non-profit that certify coaches in sports first aid. The LMS has been used to certify over 10,000 coaches.
  • An online (web) ordering system for the caterer than manages the luxury boxes for several SEC stadiums
  • An Android app to help baseball coaches track pitch counts
  • An iOS bar code scanning app to help craft brewers track keg inventory
  • A software package to process aerial surveying data generated by laser from small airplane tied into GPS to create survey maps of transmission lines for power companies.
  • A Multimedia CD (pre-Internet era) for Auburn University football with video highlights, pictures, historical statistics, etc.
  • SessionBridge – a utility for software developers (when Microsoft’s .Net framework was new) that helped ease website migration from ASP to ASP.Net.
  • Managed (as CTO) the expansion of a medical practice from 2 sites/35 employees to 9 sites/100 employees in just a few months. Included new construction, telecom services, fiber deployments, VOIP phone systems, WAN/VPN connections, WiFi infrastructure (private for doctor’s iPads and public for patient waiting rooms), in addition to typical computers and printers.

I’ve worked with

  • Healthcare
  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Telecom