Survey questions – don’t make them mandatory

I just closed my account. (Nothing wrong with I use Quicken and so I didn’t really need it.)  In their confirmation email, they gave me the standard “We hate to lose you as a customer. Would you mind filling out a survey to give us feedback?”

OK – I’ll take a couple of minutes and let them know that I didn’t really have a problem with their service. (I actually think it’s very interesting.) I just didn’t need it.

The first page has 10 or so questions. I answer the 3 that are relevant to my situation and click Next.  I’m then told (in red) that the 7 questions I didn’t answer are Required.  So I clicked close on the browser and went on about my day.

This happens all the time. Seems like 3 answers from me are better than none.  If you’re really interested in feedback – take the feedback a customer is willing to give you.