Subway – 0/2 today (or Why We Don’t Believe Marketing)

So I was going to get lunch today and my wife says “I have Subway coupons”.  I normally don’t fool with coupons (seems like too much hassle) and today I was proven right.

The coupon offer was “Buy a 6 inch sandwich and a drink and get a 6 inch free”.  Seems straightforward enough.

I order a 12 inch turkey and 6 inch turkey. Surely buying more than they’re requiring won’t be a problem? Wrong.

The 12 inch turkey sandwich is $6. The 6 inch turkey sandwich is $4.  I’m told by the young person ringing me up “For the coupon to work, I have to ring the 12 inch turkey up as two 6 inch sandwiches” which means that my $6 sandwich now cost me $8.  My expected savings of $4 is now cut in half.  My drink (that I probably wouldn’t have bought if I wasn’t using the coupon) was $1.70 so my actual savings was 30 cents.

I have no idea if the employee was implementing the store’s actual intentions or not. (I didn’t feel like arguing.)  Either way, this is why nobody believes marketers when they offer something for “free!”  We always think there will be a catch, and there usually is (whether intentional or not).

To make matters worse, when I get home – I read on my receipt “Take our 1-minute survey at – receive free cookie”.  I’ve seen these before (usually when the person at the drive thru points out – “you could win $500 for completing the survey!”)  I decide that I will take a minute and let Subway know what happened. (I’m not really interested in the free cookie.)

Web surveys are a huge pet peeve of mine. I have to answer every question they ask me – things like “How likely are you to recommend this Subway to a friend?”  Has anyone ever said to anyone “that Subway on the corner of 5th and Main is the best Subway I’ve ever been in!”  Not only do I have to decide if I’m likely to recommend that particular Subway to a friend – I have to decide on a scale of 1 to 10.

The part of the survey that’s why I came here (to tell you something that you did that irritated a customer) is way down on the page and in a text box 3 lines long and about a fifth of the page wide. (This screenshot is from the middle of the survey. All the scale of 1-10 questions are above this.)

If I don’t answer all these other questions – the web page won’t submit my survey response. Also, if I want my free cookie – I have to give them my email address.  Even if I don’t want the cookie, the web form won’t submit without an email address. I could just make up a fake email address, but the point is – you’re making me work way too hard to try to help you out.