Winner – Worst Unsubscribe Functionality

Cleaning out my Inbox today, I came across a newsletter from a company I’ve never heard of, offering products or services I will never need. Sometimes I just delete, sometimes (when I’m feeling particularly energetic) I take the time to unsubscribe.

Sometimes the unsubscribe functionality is painless, sometimes not, but this was a first.


I should point out – I’m unsubscribing from a newsletter written in English. I don’t speak French, but I can follow the gist of this.  I tried just clicking the button, but the little red asterisks beside the first three text boxes imply to me that they will only take me off of their mailing list if I give them some more information about myself.  (At least the telephone number doesn’t seem to be required.)

Bravo! Against stiff competition of some lousy, awkward unsubscribe functions – this is the worst I’ve ever seen.