A better way to get my email address

For some time, businesses have been trying to figure out ways to get customers’ email addresses to try and build a better relationship with them. A common technique I have seen is “Please fill out the survey using the code on the receipt and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win something fabulous.” Then […]

Don’t force me to interact with you

Call it a pet peeve of mine. We’re out to dinner, we’ve just gotten our food, and we’re starting to eat. A manager comes by and says something like: “How is everyone doing? Do you need anything? How does everything taste?” They mean well, but they are interrupting. Not only that, but they are asking […]

Rule #1 for working the drive-thru

Don’t hand me a drink without handing me a straw. I’ve got three sons ranging from 10 to 14 and I spend a lot of my time¬†chauffeuring¬†them around which means I’m frequently at a drive-thru window. Inevitably, it seems I’m asked to pull forward and they’ll bring our food out to us because the chicken […]