A better way to get my email address

For some time, businesses have been trying to figure out ways to get customers’ email addresses to try and build a better relationship with them. A common technique I have seen is “Please fill out the survey using the code on the receipt and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win something fabulous.” Then when you go to the website, you have to register with your email address. I guess some people do that, but I don’t think I ever have.


I was using the self-checkout (which I love) at Home Depot a couple of weeks ago and the terminal asked me “Would you like a copy of your receipt emailed to you?” I hate keeping up with paper so I pushed the Yes button. Obviously – I had to enter my email address.

I was back at the Home Depot today and when I swiped my credit card – it then asked me “Do you want a copy of your receipt sent to jtrotman@circlebox.com?” Obviously they have stored my credit card # to match it to the email address entered. Security concerns aside (that’s another can of worms), that was pretty convenient.

I was more agreeable to giving them my email address when there was a tangible benefit to me – not just because they wanted it.