St. Louis Cardinals/Busch Stadium seating information

I got to go to St. Louis, so a trip to Busch Stadium was a must. Actually two – we went to a night game and then went back the next day for a stadium tour.

The stadium is right downtown. In this picture, you can see the Gateway Arch just beyond the outfield.

Busch Stadium outfield


On the first base side, there are 4 levels – which wraps around home plate to the beginning of the third base side. The rest of the third base side only has 3. This picture is taken from the 4th (top level) fairly close to the where the 4th level stops. If you click the picture to see the larger version, you can see the 4 levels in right field and the 3 levels in left field.

In the picture below, you can see the green seats behind home plate (Cardinals Club). If you look to the left of the press box/suite level, you can also see how level 1 extends higher beyond the dugouts. The seats above the press box/suite level are level 2.

Busch Stadium Level 1

The picture below gives you a good feel for levels 1 – 3. (You can just barely see the bottom of level 4 above the foul pole.)

Busch Stadium Levels 1-3

Here is a good view of the outfield bleachers:

Busch Stadium outfield

You can also see the image of the Gateway Arch cut into the outfield. One of the things they told us on the stadium tour was that the lawnmowers have GPS units and a computer program to cut that image into the outfield grass.

The stadium tour (and the stadium experience) was good, but not great. St. Louis is a hard-core baseball town. I’m from Alabama and I think I may have seen more people wearing Cardinals shirts (not just at the game, in general) than I normally see wearing Auburn and Alabama shirts combined at home. The Cardinals have more World Series championships than any other team except the Yankees (although the Yankees are way ahead).

It seemed to me like the Cardinal fans were so hard-core, that there was no need for any other entertainment. (I saw multiple elderly women keeping scoresheets.) I’m a huge baseball fan. so I respect that – but they were playing the Marlins, Giancarlo Stanton was hurt, and I don’t think I knew one guy in the Marlins line-up that night. So, a little extra might have added to the experience.

There was a lot of construction going on next to the stadium and I think that was going to be an entertainment district, so that should help. Don’t get me wrong – St. Louis was a fun town, and if you’re a baseball fan – you need to go to Busch Stadium. It was fun, but just very generic.