There’s Never Enough Reassurance

I recently heard Seth Godin talking about reassurance, and his point was – if you’re looking for reassurance, there will never be enough. That really struck a chord with me and I’ve been thinking about it a lot since then. The craving to be part of the “in crowd” in middle school is one of the first symptoms of […]

Why did they do that?

There are plenty of times when people that you’re dealing with do things that appear (to you) to not make any sense. I would argue that it makes perfect sense to them, given their point of view. In his book Basic Economics, Thomas Sowell says: In reality, many of the things that go wrong in these activities […]

“Good Enough” vs. “Good Enough for Now”

More thoughts from Seth Godin’s Ruckusmakers conference… We talked about “perfect” being the enemy of “good enough” when it comes to deciding if your project is ready to ship. That got me thinking – and I realized that Good Enough has gotten a bad name. I think this has happened because most of the time, […]

Public Speaking

I was thinking about the fear of public speaking recently and it occurred to me – the fear is really about “what if they think I’m an idiot?” So, let me just state for the record – I am an idiot. If you don’t believe me – ask my wife. She’ll tell you. Now that you […]


As I type this, I’m sitting in the terminal at LaGuardia returning home from Seth Godin’s “Ruckusmakers” conference. I feel like I’ve been drinking from a firehouse for the last two days. I had high expectations for the weekend and they were exceeded. Not only is Seth as good in person as he is in […]