“Good Enough” vs. “Good Enough for Now”

More thoughts from Seth Godin’s Ruckusmakers conference…

We talked about “perfect” being the enemy of “good enough” when it comes to deciding if your project is ready to ship. That got me thinking – and I realized that Good Enough has gotten a bad name. I think this has happened because most of the time, what we call Good Enough – really isn’t.

When Good Enough is used to mean “the minimum necessary to not be yelled at”, it’s probably not. On the other hand, if it’s used to mean “this will get the job done” – it just may be.

It’s confusing. I even searched Seth’s blog for the phrase “good enough”  because I wanted to see if there was a post that articulate what he said about over the weekend and there are some posts where he’s arguing against it and some where he’s arguing in favor of it.

It finally occurred to me that – I think we want to start saying “good enough for now”. If you’re working on a mammoth project like world peace or fixing education, Good Enough is bad because it lets you off the hook. You’ll never be done.  On the other hand, if your project moves you a step closer to your goal and you’re trying to decide whether to ship it today, then Good Enough is Good Enough for now. Ship it today and then come back tomorrow and start again on the next step – because “Good Enough for Now” is different than “Good Enough Forever”.