One of the many reasons I hate Apple

I need to vent for a second. People who know me are used to hearing me complain (usually loudly) about Apple. It frequently involves me comparing Apple to the Devil.

Here’s why I hate them at the moment. I need to set up an iPad for a client. It will be used for a very specific purpose, so I need to install one free app.

When setting up the new Apple account to download the app from the App Store, I’m asked for payment information. Again – I need to download 1 free app.

I tried Google to see if there was a way around this and came across Apple’s official support page – The title is “Why can’t I select None when I edit my Apple ID payment information?”

Here’s what they say – “If you’re using the store for the first time with an existing Apple ID, you must provide a payment method. After you create the account, you can change your payment information to None.” Who thought that was OK?

BTW – the next paragraph says “If you’re creating a new Apple ID, you might be able to create an account without entering your credit card details.” (Emphasis mine.) Might? Really? That’s your official position on this?

I feel much better having gotten that off of my chest. Thank you.