There is no “them” – only “us”

I passed someone on the street the other day that I associate with a clique of people (that I’m not a member of). I realized that I had subconsciously pigeonholed her as a representative of “them” and that was how I thought of her – as a member of that group, not as an individual.

It occurred to me that I’m pretty sure that’s not how she sees herself at all. I mentally walked some steps in her shoes and realized that she probably spends most of her time helping her kids with homework, preparing meals, going to work, etc. In other words – her days are a lot like mine.

At that moment, I realized I had subconsciously perceived a barrier between us that didn’t actually exist. We concoct these groups and stick people into them. If we’re honest – we think we’re better than some of the groups, and we think some of the groups are better than we are.

How refreshing to realize that there is no “them”. There’s only “us”.