Are you comfortable hiring plumbers?

If you’re thinking of going into business for yourself, you might ask yourself – am I comfortable hiring plumbers (or handymen, or mechanics)?

This may seem like a weird question, but an easy trap to fall into for new business owners is feeling like you have to do everything yourself. If you’ve never been the boss before, you probably haven’t had a lot of opportunities to hire people (at work).

But – if you have a house (or a car) – when something needs doing, you have the option of trying to figure out how to do it yourself, or – to “call the guy” and let him take care of it. You probably could figure out how to do it yourself, but you need to really stop and think if this is the best use of your time.

If you find yourself trying to do everything yourself, you may have a similar struggle when it comes to deciding to hire bookkeepers, website designers, etc.