Random Notes from Sloss Tech 2017

TechBirmingham hosted Sloss Tech 2017 at the Lyric Theatre today. When I first saw the list of speakers, I must confess – I wasn’t overwhelmed. I mulled it over and decided to go anyway, mostly to support the Birmingham tech ecosystem. (“Got to support the team”.) I’m glad I did. I thought it was a great event and I got a lot out of it.

Random Notes:

  • Will Pearson (co-founder of Mental Floss) was as interesting as you’d expect him to be. (Did you know that you can rearrange the letters in EPISCOPAL and get PEPSI COLA? Or that the letters in PRESBYTERIANS can be rearranged to give you BRITNEY SPEARS?)
  • Kulture City┬áhas a great story. Impressive that they have already partnered with several NBA arenas and NFL stadiums. (I also didn’t know you could go to medical school without finishing college first. Apparently that’s a thing.)
  • I thought it was a little strange that Tiki Barber’s segment was done in interview format, as opposed to just letting him speak. He’s got an interesting business that I didn’t really understand until today. Apparently I can have a meal with former New York Yankee Bucky Dent (that’s Bucky “effing” Dent, if you’re from Boston) for about two grand.
  • I learned a lot about Shipt today. I’ve been hearing a lot about it but didn’t really understand how it worked until today. Interesting model. And good Birmingham success story.
  • Alabama native Cliff Sims worked on Donald Trump’s campaign and now works in the administration. Interesting stories regardless of your political leaning.
  • Liz Pharo of Momentum Telecom┬áhad a really interesting story. I didn’t realize that the same family started SuccessEHS and Momentum.
  • I had never heard of Casey Neistat before reading about him on the list of speakers. Apparently that means I’m old because he seemed to be a pretty big deal to the younger attendees. He’s a really good story teller – which isn’t surprising given his success as a filmmaker (videomaker?). He struck me as being very “comfortable in his own skin”. Authentic.

Nice job TechBirmingham for putting on the event. Nice job Birmingham for supporting the event.