Here – I made this

We picked up our middle son from Auburn University yesterday. He had been there for a week-long creative writing summer program for high school students. The “graduation ceremony” was held at a Starbucks on campus where students who wanted to (most of them did) got up to read some of what they had written during the week.

A lot of the students were very hard to hear. The acoustics weren’t great. There was a small PA system, but most of the students either didn’t hold the mic close enough or still spoke so softly that most of the room couldn’t hear them.

One of the other dads was in front of me. I could see him motioning to the quiet speakers to “speak up” or “hold the microphone closer”. I know he was trying to be helpful, but it occurred to me that – the point of this isn’t for us to hear them. It’s for them to get up and speak – at whatever volume they are comfortable with at this point.

In that instant, I realized that this may have been the most important part of the course. Improving your craft is a good way to spend some time, but I think it’s even more important to get comfortable with getting up in front of people and saying “Here. I made this. I’m going to show you a little part of me with this.”

It takes courage to do this, and courage comes with practice – which is why it’s good to get up and speak, even if you’re speaking so softly that no one can hear you. The next time you do it, you’ll be a little louder.

Let’s look for (and create) safe opportunities for our kids (and ourselves) to get up and say “I made this”.