Reaction to Transparency

I caught myself having (what I thought was) an interesting reaction to some online posts recently. I’m telling the story here because I think there might be a little insight into human reaction.

Someone (I don’t remember who) posted a book recommendation on Twitter a few days ago. Apparently by the time I saw the post, it had “gone viral”. The author subsequently posted something along the lines of “If I would have known what kind of reaction that was going to get, I would have added an Amazon Affiliates tag to that link”.

If you don’t know, Amazon’s Affiliate program is basically a commission program. If enough people that click on your special link buy something, you’ll get a little bit of a commission.

At this point, I specifically looked to see if the link had an affiliate tag in it. I don’t know why, but I had a feeling of “you’re not going to sneak one past me.” I was interested in the book but didn’t decide to buy it at that point.

A couple of minutes later, I saw a subsequent post from the same author that also linked to the book on Amazon, but this time he said something like “Here’s one with an affiliate tag included. It won’t cost you any more and why should we give Bezos all the money?” My reaction was completely different this time. I clicked the link and bought the book immediately. I think the decision was more about wanting to participate in the fun (like now we were working together to put one over on them) than because my desire for the book had changed.

It was interesting to me how blatant transparency completely changed my reaction.