Inching Back to Normal

About a year ago, when the COVID lockdowns were first starting – I think we thought the end was going to be different. I know I did. I remember hearing commentators talk about pent-up demand and I guess I kind of subconsciously envisioned something like the famous scene where the sailor kisses the nurse in Times Square on V-J day. But now that we’re getting here, it’s not like that at all.

I’m lucky enough to be fully vaccinated. I live in a state where there is no longer a mask mandate. Most of the businesses around me still have “masks required” signs on their door and I comply. But – there’s one store close to me that doesn’t. It feels strange to go in and not put on a mask, but I do. Not to make a political statement, but to start inching back to normal.

I think it’s going to be harder to get back to normal than I thought it would be at the beginning of all of this. At this point, it’s easier to work at home and meet via Zoom. (I realize I’m very lucky to have that choice.) But – I think it’s important to start deciding to get dressed (really dressed, not t-shirts and sweats), and go back to the office and meeting with people in person.

I’m realizing that, unlike World War II, there’s not going to be a definitive end to the pandemic. There’s not going to be a time where they (whoever they is) declare “All clear – resume your normal lives now.” Everyone is going to have decide what’s safe on their own.