I keep a small desktop computer next to the TV in our family room, primarily to use the TV as a big monitor for showing the digital photos and videos that were taken before camera phones, cloud storage and Chromecasts. I recently ordered a new wireless keyboard with a built-in trackpad to simplify controlling the […]

Who’s the jackass here?

Whenever there’s a misunderstanding between you and a customer, you have a choice of how you respond. If I’m your customer and your response leaves me thinking “Really – I’m the jackass here?” (whether I say it out loud or not) – you’ve chosen poorly. Unfortunately, for a lot of people (most people?) – that’s […]

Microsoft – development tools for old guys

I’m sitting in a conference room at a Microsoft sales office watching a presentation on the latest version of Visual Studio (Microsoft’s software development tool). Looking around the room at the other attendees, the majority of attendees appear to be 40-ish and older (including me). By my estimate, there are only 1 or 2 that could […]


Where I live, it’s easy to look around and see people who have more than I do. What’s also true is – it’s easy to look around and see people who don’t have nearly as much as I do. (I bet this is true of where you live too.) Unfortunately – I tend to notice the […]

Plans vs Decisions

It’s easy to confuse plans and decisions. I can “decide” right now to go the gym to workout tonight, but that’s not really a decision. That’s a plan. If tonight rolls around and I decide I’m too tired to go – my earlier “decision” was meaningless. I can come up with a plan for the […]

Schools as Prisons

It occurred to me the other day that my sons (probably many other kids) basically view school as a prison sentence. (Minimum security, to be sure – but prison nonetheless.) Not a challenge to be attacked and accomplished, but something to be endured. They’re basically just waiting for it to be over. I’d love to […]

Thoughts on the Common Core 5×3 problem

I recently read about a 3rd grade student whose seemingly correct answer to 5×3 was marked as incorrect by his teacher.  Details of the issue are here. A Common Core supporter defends the teacher here. Follow the link to get his words directly, but part of his argument is “…but here’s the beauty of it: It won’t […]

SendGrid Inbound Parse

I’ve spent most of a weekend trying to figure out how to get attachments from SendGrid’s Inbound Parse service. If you haven’t heard of it – it accepts an incoming email, parses out the various parts and sends them to you by posting to a web form you have set up for this. The “text” […]

Hire people who you trust to “make it better”

Seth Godin had a short blog post today, but it really hit home with me. I realized that in the past, I have probably frequently had the attitude of “Don’t touch it, you might break it” with employees. Going forward, when evaluating a candidate – I’m going to ask myself – “Am I comfortable letting […]

One of the many reasons I hate Apple

I need to vent for a second. People who know me are used to hearing me complain (usually loudly) about Apple. It frequently involves me comparing Apple to the Devil. Here’s why I hate them at the moment. I need to set up an iPad for a client. It will be used for a very […]