New MLB themes on WordPress

I thought this was kind of cool –, so I decided I’d try one of the MLB themes for my blog. Not sure if I’ll keep it, but it’s that time of year.  Play Ball! (I just happen to be watching Ken Burns’ Baseball on NetFlix right now. Can’t believe I’ve never watched it, […]

Is Microsoft the new IBM?

In the early 90’s, I was starting my programming career. I had a job programming COBOL on an IBM mainframe. I wanted a job programming Visual Basic (3) on Windows 3.1.  At the insurance company where I worked, the old guys (you know – the ones over 40) thought you couldn’t possibly run a company […]

Survey questions – don’t make them mandatory

I just closed my account. (Nothing wrong with I use Quicken and so I didn’t really need it.)  In their confirmation email, they gave me the standard “We hate to lose you as a customer. Would you mind filling out a survey to give us feedback?” OK – I’ll take a couple of […]

Don’t Surprise your Customers

So yesterday, I had a small printing job that I uploaded to Kinko’s. (It will always be Kinko’s to me, no matter what FedEx decides to call it.) I’ll spare you all of the details, but – when I went to pick it up, I found out that they had printed my black and white document on […]

Eat your own Dogfood

I spent the day helping a client set up a software system to help them keep their bank accounts reconciled. It was a ridiculously frustrating experience. The idea behind the software package is that now that most banks have web sites where you can download a file containing the account activity, it should be simple […]

After reading Liberal Fascism: Where do we draw the line?

I’m just finishing up reading Jonah Goldberg’s book, Liberal Fascism.  I thought it was very informative and thought-provoking book.  (I’m a conservative who has subscribed to National Review for many years, so that’s not really a surprise.) It got me thinking a lot about “the individual” vs. “the collective”, which is basically the relevant battle. As […]

Be patient

A short write up about me was in the Birmingham Business Journal the other day (you can read it here).  Shortly after it came out, I got the first – of what will probably be many, if history repeats itself – calls from someone who – now that they knew a little bit about me – was selling […]