Technology Consulting

Software Development


Primarily, I help with software development projects. Stereotypically, my clients own or manage an application, and are subject-matter experts but don’t come from a technology background. They have hired a programmer or two and the application works – sort of.

I act as a kind of “part time Chief Technology Officer” (virtual CTO) and help with things like:

  • Translating feature requests into technical language and specific tasks
  • Improving design/architecture which improves developer productivity
  • Taking advantage of cloud hosting (Azure and AWS) in a cost-effective way
  • Acting as technical representative on client/prospect calls to “speak Geek” with the other side’s technical staff

Information Technology

I’ve been working in technology for over 30 years and have had some involvement with most areas of information technology. In addition to software development, I also advise businesses on all aspects of technology. If you’d like to discuss something or have questions, I set aside a few blocks a week for no-charge “virtual lunch” sessions. This is basically a technology-focused “Ask Me Anything” session. Some topics have included:

  • Network infrastructure, including Internet circuits
  • Microsoft 365 implementation/licensing
  • Security
  • Data Warehouse & Reporting
  • Phone systems

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