About Me

I live in the Birmingham, AL metro area.

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Technical Specialties

  • Cloud computing/hosting – most of my projects are in Azure, but I also work with AWS
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Authentication – single sign on (SSO) functionality with SAML and OIDC/OAuth2 (Azure AD, B2C, Okta, Identity Server)
  • Electronic payments and integrating with accounting systems



I went to Auburn University and earned degrees in Electrical Engineering and Finance. After college, I did some COBOL programming, but really wanted to work on Windows programming, which was still a bit of a novelty at this point. Since I couldn’t find a job I really wanted, in 1994 – I started Westglenn Software to do Visual Basic programming. For many years, Westglenn was a Microsoft partner whose specialties grew to include C#, SQL Server, BI, and Microsoft Dynamics SL (an ERP system formerly named Solomon).

I’ve been an independent consultant for most of the last 30 years, but I did work as the CTO of a medical (orthopedic) practice for a couple of years, which was invaluable for learning about healthcare operations and technology. I also spent about a year as a product owner of a SAAS application (hosted in AWS) that archives medical records for physician practices who are switching EMR systems.


Sampling of projects (past and present)

(This is a more comprehensive list than what’s on the home page.)

  • Application that allows students to write experiments in Python to take measurements from a Raspberry Pi expansion card on the International Space Station
  • Software as a service application to help life sciences companies maintain compliance with the Physician Payments Sunshine Act
  • Provided single sign-on (SSO) functionality for a facial recognition application
  • Application to help Wal-Mart vendors digest transactional reports provided by the company in a dashboard
  • A custom LMS (Learning Management System) for a non-profit that certify coaches in sports first aid. The LMS has been used to certify over 10,000 coaches.
  • An online (web) ordering system for the caterer than manages the luxury boxes for several SEC stadiums
  • An Android app to help baseball coaches track pitch counts
  • An iOS bar code scanning app to help craft brewers track keg inventory
  • A software package to process aerial surveying data generated by laser from small airplane tied into GPS to create survey maps of transmission lines for power companies.
  • A Multimedia CD (pre-Internet era) for Auburn University football with video highlights, pictures, historical statistics, etc.
  • SessionBridge – a utility for software developers (when Microsoft’s .Net framework was new) that helped ease website migration from ASP to ASP.Net.
  • Managed (as CTO) the expansion of a medical practice from 2 sites/35 employees to 9 sites/100 employees in just a few months. Included new construction, telecom services, fiber deployments, VOIP phone systems, WAN/VPN connections, WiFi infrastructure (private for doctor’s iPads and public for patient waiting rooms), in addition to typical computers and printers.
  • A reporting portal for a large telecom company that needed to provide operational response times to the FCC.
  • A manufacturing system for a large lumber mill to track timber purchases and production of lumber and flooring.
  • Financial reporting system for a large financial services company that manages timberland as an investment product
  • Web application to help athletic trainers, coaches, team doctors, and parents communicate about injuries and rehabilitation to high school football players
Jeff Trotman