I’ve been involved in software development for over 20 years, and more recently have spent a good bit of time managing IT infrastructure. As as result, I provide consulting with just about any area of computer technology. A lot of my work revolves helping “technical” and “business” people communicate with each other, or helping business owners make better technology-related decisions.

Technicality is my consulting company. All of my software development and technology consulting is done through this entity. If you’re interested, I talk about some of the work I’m doing in the Technicality blog.

Two of the larger projects I’m working on are applications developed and owned by Technicality.

Circlebox is for clubs and groups like homeowners associations and scout troops. It helps leaders like room mothers and coaches run their groups by handling structured information like registration, RSVP, sign-ups, and payments. It handles all the group’s business in a single system so everyone only needs one login and it has social media features like picture sharing and discussions so members will actually use it.

I recently met with a medical practice who needed a better way for their billing department to track “uncrossed T’s and undotted I’s” that are keeping them from submitting charges to insurance for reimbursement. They had been emailing spreadsheets back and forth between the billing department and the clinics. If you’ve ever tried to keep track of anything this way, you know what a nightmare this can quickly turn into.

I created as a better item tracker. Even though it was designed for medical billing, it can be used by any team that needs to keep up with status updates on lots of different things. A better name might be “whose court is that ball in” because that’s what it’s really helping users keep a handle on.