Technicality is an application (web and mobile) sandbox/launchpad/incubator designed to quickly prototype and roll-out new online products so they can succeed or fail quickly.

Fail Fast?

Cloud computing, with the ability to quickly spin up new servers and just lease the functionality used, has changed the dynamics of market validation. In some cases, it’s now easier to build a prototype than it is to conduct lots of interviews with people. What people actually do with a real application is much more valuable feedback than what they tell you they would do with an imaginary application that you are trying to describe for them.

The “Fail Fast” mentality is all about trying things to see what works. If something shows promise, keep going. If it doesn’t, try something else.

What’s an application launchpad?

With cloud computing, it’s easy to set up the technical infrastructure you need to host your new web or mobile application, but there is also non-technical infrastructure that you need to operate an application as well.

  • Legal (licensing, user agreements)
  • Insurance (protection against data breaches)
  • Banking (credit card payments)

In many cases, people will start a new legal entity to set all of this up, which goes against the spirit of “fail fast”. Technicality, LLC has all of this set up to make it easy to roll out your application quickly. I’m using this setup for applications that I build. When an application turns out to be successful, at that point I will roll it out into its own legal entity.