Evaluation Environments

Almost everyone is familiar with the concept of a QA environment, but I’m going to bring up the need for what I’m going to call Evaluation environments. (If there’s already a industry term for this that I’m not famliar with – let me know at https://twitter.com/jefftrotman.)

I’m going to define an Evaluation environment as where the design of a new feature is evaluated. (QA is where the implementation or execution of that design is verified.)

With QA, the expectation is for this feature to continue downstream eventually ending up in production. We may have to correct some errors first, but the design has already been accepted and is expected to flow into production at some point.

Evaluation is a place to test a new feature’s design. Things often make sense in theory but once you see how they actually work, it may be obvious that the design is flawed and needs to be re-worked. In some cases the feature will just be abandoned.

I’m going to talk more about “environments” in a future post, but the short version might be “some kind of web server where the code can be deployed so that someone who’s not a developer can interact with the new feature”. An Evaluation environment should be considered “disposable”.